What We Do For You

Owners, Clients & Developers

Expertise Tailored to Each Project

We serve property owners, developers and all our clients with industry leading expertise, tailored to be specific to each project.

From conceptualisation to hand-over, we focus on putting together first-class multi-disciplinary project teams to cover all the aspects required, supervised and directed by Jeremy Mayhew MRICS, who has a track record for excellence in the industry.

Besides the specialist services that are necessary to guide the management of pre-construction activities and the construction stage itself, we lead the process by defining strategies and objectives, liaising with stakeholders, and employing strategies to avoid disputes and conflict.

Pre-Construction Management

We are involved right from inception of the project.
Our main tasks in the pre-construction stage of a major development include:

Our experience extends from major single site builds to complex mixed-use developments, all managed and executed to a carefully prepared plan.

Construction Stage Services

When it comes to the project management of the construction stage itself, we are there to keep everything on track for the owners, developers, and interested parties.

Our input at this stage includes (but is not limited to):

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