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Our Company Credentials

How We Get the Job Done

We’re proud of the fact that JR Mayhew International Ltd started around 35 years ago with little more than a vision of what could be achieved with determination and confidence, and today it has become a stable business, based in London, with assets and a global reputation for excellence.

As construction and development consultants taking on major projects, we have proven ourselves capable of delivering great results. Our work record bears testimony to our ability in a challenging field.

Our two company directors – Jeremy and Tonie – work in collaboration with project teams they create by drawing the talent they need from stakeholders’ organisations. They lead each commission with zeal and skill, from the initial concept at the pre-design stage when only a small collaborative contingent is required, through to final completion and the operation of the building or facility.

Our Leading Light

Our company operations are very ably led by the highly qualified and well-connected Jeremy Mayhew (RICS), who has worked all over the world on almost every type of construction, both on the contractor side and on the client/owner side.

Jeremy started out in 1980 as a Pupil Quantity Surveyor with John Laing Construction, working on heavy/industrial engineering and pipelines.

He went on to qualify as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, and has been a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RCIS) since 1989. He is now aligned with the Construction/Project Management sector within the RICS.

The Company is a member of CTBUH (the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat), and Jeremy serves as secretary of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee and a member of the Developer Assembly and Cost Management Assembly of this Council. He’s also a member of WAPPP (the World Association of Public-Private Partnerships & Professionals).

Dispute Avoidance, Resolution & Management

One of the important skills we bring to our facilitation of projects involving the construction industry is dispute and conflict resolution strategies.

We have proved highly adept in this area when it comes to enabling projects to be delivered without stakeholders becoming hampered by disputes and conflicting objectives.

For example, Jeremy has acted as an Expert Witness (Quantum) in an arbitration relating to a dispute between a contractor and subcontractor working on a cross-country pipeline in Cumbria. Appearing on behalf of the subcontractor, the award was decided in their favour. We are also able to mediate in disputes to facilitate a resolution that both sides can live with.

Whatever it takes to ensure the success of a project we can bring to the table, at the right time, with strategies and skills to achieve every objective.

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